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I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Shepard! I’ve been to other chiropractors, and no one gives me the pain relief that he is able to. Dr. Shepard takes his time to get to know you and the issues you are having. I feel that my care is truly individualized and effective. I love that Dr. Shepard answers all of my questions and teaches me how to improve my condition at home as well. It’s clear that he really cares about his patients and works hard for the right reasons!”         Ashley R.     – From Yelp

To start, I began seeing Dr. Shepard not for traditional chiropractic adjustments, but because he is the only person in the area who practices ART (active release technique), to my knowledge. The office is small and orderly, and an emphasis is definitely placed on a strong relationship with patients. Not having been for ART before, and not knowing much about my issue, the doc spent the first visit (which was free) trying to pinpoint my problems. Some ART was done and I was sent on my way. Subsequent visits resulted in the doc really nailing down the source of my problems. He helped alleviate my pain via the ART and also helped to address some biomechanical tendencies of mine that often result in further aggravation. Dr. Shepard is receptive to the unique demands of my sport and his knowledge of biomechanics was far superior to what I expected from a chiropractor. If you have pain -especially if you’re an athlete- go see Dr. Shepard.”                           Zach N.   – From Yelp

I had suffered with terrible foot pain for over a year. I tried cortisone shots, orthodics (custom and over the counter), all kinds of physical therapy,  all kinds of athletic and other shoes and nothing worked. I teach for a living and I was in agony. Just before I was to schedule surgery as a last resort my Sister in Law in New Hampshire suggested I try Active Release Therapy. I found Dr. Shepard and his method really worked! I also took shoes in for him to look at and watch me walk in until we found the right ones. No more wasted money! He is very affordable, covered by insurance, and very flexible in scheduling. In September of last year he told me I would be walking the beach in December…I didn’t believe him but he was right! I have had no foot pain for seven months! The office is very nice and they even provide t-shirts and shorts for treatment. The receptionist is very professional and personable and just as helpful as can be. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Shepard…He is also very personable and professional and really knows what he is doing. I recommend him with out reservation to all my family, friends, and students.”        Conner W.     – From Yelp

Dr. Shepard has a talent for dispensing clear, useful advice regarding injuries. He is able to quickly discern the actual root of your problem, rather than adopting the cookie-cutter approach to injuries that most medical offices will take.
I came to him in April after being laid up for almost three months due to foot pain. This pain had been diagnosed as plantar fascitis by several medical professionals. I had received treatment ranging from dry needling to electro-shock wave therapy. None of this had really helped significantly, and I was starting to wonder if this issue would ever resolve.
Dr. Shepard told me, within 5 minutes of an assessment, that my problem was, more precisely, a tight, deep muscle in my foot. He performed ART, and advised me to stop this other slew of treatments.
I was able to run again within days of this treatment, and continued to self-manage as he had advised. Although I am not 100%, I was able to run my first race in months about 4 weeks after seeing Dr. Shepard. I can’t recommend him enough for your own sports injury.
Jeff K.     – From Yelp

I am a runner, and at the time I first came to Dr. Shepard I had been struggling with multiple overuse injuries (plantar fasciitis, piriformis issues, to name a few); some of which were chronic and did not respond to traditional treatments.  I had been to physical therapy several different times, had worked with other chiropractors, podiatrists, and orthopedic specialists, and no one seemed to be able to pinpoint the reasons for my chronic issues.

Dr. Shepard was one of the first people who didn’t tell me that running is bad for you, that I am not built for it, I have bad feet, bad hips, et cetera.  What he did was a combination of treatments with me, such as ART, to relieve some of the soft tissue issues I was experiencing. He also did DNS to retrain some of my movement patterns and actually looked at the “big picture”, rather than just focusing on where I had pain. I found that ART was very effective in removing some of the adhesions that had built up over time, and I finally got to the point where injuries were not preventing me from training. Beyond that point, continuing with some ART as needed was also very helpful throughout my running season in dealing with acute soft tissue issues that would come up when I would tweak something during a hard workout or a race.  I was always able to get appointments promptly when needed; which I believe kept me healthy through the course of my racing season.

Dr. Shepard was also one of the first people to give me alternatives to traditional passive “stretching”, which in my experience does not work and was recommended by most other practitioners I have seen. Instead, he emphasized using techniques such as nerve flossing or dynamic movements that have been way more effective than the stretches recommended by other therapists.  He also provided me with a lot of useful information which has changed my philosophies and helped to guide my diet and training regimen following treatment.  During the course of the time I was a patient he answered emails quickly and took the time to answer my questions in detail. I would highly recommend him to any athletes who would like to resolve chronic soft tissue issues.”              Karen D.      – From Yelp

Dr. Shepard is a very personable and professional chiropractor unlike any other that I have met or seen. He has tons of knowledge and helps treat your condition both short-term and long-term. He treats the cause of the pain and provides stretches and exercises that you can easily do at home to supplement the treatment. His staff are extremely friendly and helpful and it is very easy to set up appointments–even for the same day if possible! The office is clean and well-kept and I love that they provide clean t-shirts and shorts for you to wear if you come straight from work. Not many chiropractors practice ART (active release technique) and I would 100% recommend Dr. Shepard!”                       Elizabeth G.    – From Google

I had treatment for my back when I was living near Atlanta, but is never seemed to fully take away all the pain. Atlanta spinal decompression helped to resolve the real bad pain when I had a flare-up and had to go in, but Dr. Shepard help to relieve even that pain and taught me exercises. Dr. Shepard showed me how to control the flare-ups myself. He made me take a part in helping to treat my own problems. It was definitely a different way of looking at chiropractic treatment. Thank you Dr. Shepard for helping me get out of pain and giving me the knowledge to help myself.    From a patient letter back to Dr. Shepard

Dr. Shepard treated my rotator cuff tendonitis in just about 2 months with his ART. I was not even able to raise my arm in certain angle, felt tightness every morning and dull pain during bedtime. In the beginning, his treatments were giving me a ‘good pain’ but I had no problem because I know he was working on the source of the problems.  The visits gradually became more regular treatments and the pain was barely there until it was finally gone.  He was very friendly, informative and definitely good at his treatments. I was disappointed that I thought I would never be able to do the type of exercises I did before the injury, but after 2 months seeing Dr. Shepard, he gave me a ‘go’ and I was able to do the same exercise again. I was able to raise my arm easily. Definitely recommend him.
Oi P.     – From Yelp

If you would like to live pain free. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shepard, call use at (309) 585-0382.

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