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Dead Bug

Patient is lying on their back with arms straight into the air towards the ceiling. Hips and knees are both bent to 90°. Core activation is established and coordinated with breathing. Patient then straightens one limb at a time and improves to contra-lateral limb reaches. Patient can also rotate to each side without spinal rotation to emphasize abdominal oblique chains.  

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The Importance of a STRONG Gluteus Medius

One muscle that is usually weak on individuals with hip and low back pain is the gluteus medius muscle. It is a muscle that abducts the leg, or brings the leg away from the midline of the body. Think of it in this way. It works to move your leg away from your belly button. Another function of this muscle is to stablize the hip when the opposite leg is lifted off the ground. If you have ever seen a runway model walk you have witnessed a weak glute medius muscle. The featured image to this post demonstrates what’s happening to your body when the glute medius isn’t strong. When your hips tilt, it makes all of your muscles work at unnatural angles. Over time, this one wonky tilt can create tons of problems for your back, knees, hips, hamstrings, etc. I often prescribe to patients with knee, hamstring and piriformis problems a clamshell exercise to strengthen this muscle to help fix hip and leg problems that are all stemming from a combination of a weak glute med plus a weak / tight posterior chain muscle. Since the glute medius seems to be the key muscle for causing/curing all kinds of hip, knee, and other running injuries. A great exercise to strengthen your glut medius for everyone is the clamshell exercise.  The keys to doing this properly; 1. Make sure that the bottom of your feet and your butt are in line. 2. Slowly raise the top leg and lower the top leg while keeping your feet together. 3. Stack your hips directly on top of each other. Focus on your glute medius while doing these. Perform this exercise 20 reps on each side.

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Mckenzie Exercises for Better Back Stability

If you do not have a strong low back to act as an fixum putnam or fixed position one would not be able to generate enough force to complete most tasks in space. Proper movement of the pelvis in particular is critical in the gait cycle.  A misalignment of the pelvis due to muscle imbalances between the abdominals and the low back can cause a huge reduction in a runners performance independent of cardio fitness level. A low back exercise to ensure that your low back muscles (or posterior abdominals) will limit pelvic tilt and creating proper pelvis rotation is a Back Extension Press-up. I want to make sure that you do not confuse this with a normal push-up. In yoga it is referred to as a Cobra Push-up. This is a great exercise for anyone who has pain shooting down the leg. This will reduce that and get the pain to move toward the back (this called centralization) and eventually result in no pain. The primary muscles that will be involved in this exercise is the errector spianae group and gluteus maximus. The secondary muscles that will plat a part in this exercise is  hamstrings, rectus abdominis, external obliques, and internal obliques To perform this exercise follow the following steps: 1. Lie face down on the ground with arms in the push-up position and legs outstretched. (maintain a rigid body in a straight line) 2. Press up with the arms only until the torso is off the ground. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds, maintaining normal breathing throughout 3. Lower arms, bending at the elbows, and return to the original position.  

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