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Disc Herniation Pain

I want to help you with the pain and problems that you might have with disc herniation pain. There are many symptoms that you might have with disc problems, including pain, numbness, tingling and other sensations. You may also have problems moving around the way that you would like to, working or getting around the streets of Bloomington, IL. Disc herniations can be serious, whether you are young or old. Disc herniation pain, typically that results in pain in low back or neck and radiates (travels) into either the lower leg (if low back disc herniation) and arm / hand (if neck disc herniation). Disc herniation pain should be treated in the most effective way possible. Traditional medicine may take months to simply find the problem, costing huge amounts in doctor’s office visits and expensive testing. After the Dr. Shepard determines if you have a disc problem, you may be treated with medication and possibly with surgery, however, these will not always be effective. If regular treatments are not working for you any longer or you would rather not deal with surgery at all, you may need a new plan of action. In my Bloomington practice that is located at 2309 E. Empire St. Ste #400, I will help you to work toward greater relief from the symptoms of disc herniation pain. During each visit I will treat muscle and joint imbalances, and you will have your own work to do too using special exercises and techniques, so that together your disc herniation pain will be dramatically reduced. Don’t waste another minute being in pain or dealing with other symptoms. Call my office and make an appointment as soon as possible. My number is (309) 585-0382. You need to get back to good health without pain and suffering so that you can work and play to the best of your ability in Bloomington. Contact me Dr. Shepard, today.

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Nerve Pain? – Nerve Pain can be treated manually

Are you suffering from the pain caused by a compressed nerve? Maybe what you need is not traditional drugs or surgery, but experienced treatment from a specially trained chiropractor. Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Matt Shepard, I am chiropractor in Bloomington, IL, who has experience and and unique qualifications to help treat your pain caused by irritated nerves. I am a certified Active Release Provider, who has worked on Ironman athletes, Strongman Athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. To read more about Active Release please visit What is a Pinched Nerve? A pinched nerve, also known as a peripheral nerve entraptment, is basically a injury due to repetitive motion. This overuse injury causes pressure on the nerves, which can cause the nerves to become swollen and irritated, thereby causing extreme pain. Pressure can come from a number of sources, including tendons, muscles and bones. Nerve pain can be caused by simple everyday movements, ie… bending and twisting. It only takes the the tiniest wrong move to cause the nerve to become irritated, and if you are experiencing pain caused by a nerve, I want to help to alleviate your pain. I Can Reduce the Nerve TensionThat is Causing Your Pain As a practicing chiropractor in Bloomington IL, I am trained to treat disorders involving the musculoskeletal system, (joints, muscles, and nerves). When it comes to treating your entrapted nerve, I manipulate the muscles, tissues, and joints to alleviate any undue nerve irritation. Before you decide to undergo painful surgery that will take a long time to heal from, come in and visit me at my office, conveniently located at 2309 E. Empire St. #400, 61704 in Bloomington, IL. I can help to treat the source of your pain, and you won’t have to deal with surgery, drugs or other forms of therapy.

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On-site Active Release Treatment for Companies

Dr. Shepard provides on-site active release treatments for Bloomington IL and surrounding area companies. If you are a manager or owner of a company looking to decrease your recordable number of workers compensation claims. Contact Dr. Shepard today!

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