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Hamstring tightness or weakness

 Hamstring tightness or weakness EFFECTS OF HAMSTRING WEAKNESS:- Weakness of hamstring muscle produces a significant loss of knee flexion strength. Weakness in knee flexion in the erect posture produces little disability. However, weakness of the hamstrings may produce more functional impairment at the hips, where the hamstring muscles provide a substantial part of extension strength. The superimposed weight that creates a flexion moment at the knee during a squat produces a flexion moment at the hip. That flexion moment is resisted by a muscular extension moment generated at least in part by the hamstring muscles. Consequently, weakness of the hamstrings may result in significant difficulty in bending and lifting. EFFECTS OF TIGHTNESS:- Hamstring tightness is the inability to stretch the muscle through full range of amplitude. Muscle is a prime mover and stabilizer of body that contains muscle spindle, as its functional unit and golgi tendon organs plays important role in determining the length and function of muscular components. Hamstrings are the long and powerful group of muscle that span the back of the thigh. Tightness of this muscle can play a role in sport related injuries, lumbar spine disorder and general low back pain. Hamstring tightness is a common condition found in both symptomatic and asymptomatic subjects. The hamstrings are example of muscle group that have a tendency to shorten (Turner et al,1988).Lack of hamstring flexibility was the single most important characteristics of hamstring injuries in athletes. Tightness of the hamstrings results in limitations in knee extension ROM when the hip is flexed. Large amount of hamstring tightness can produce knee flexion contractures, an inability to reach full knee extension. A tight hamstring causes increased patella femoral compressive force, which may eventually lead to patella femoral syndrome. Poor hamstrings flexibility has been associated with low back pain in cross- sectional studies in both adolescents and adults. PREVALENCE OF HAMSTRING INJURIES Prevalence ranges from 8 to 25 %, depending upon the sport. The timing for return to sport ranges from as early as two weeks to never, depending upon injury severity and the sport in question. One observational study reports a single-season prevalence rate greater than 50 percent among elite soccer players. Recurrent hamstring injuries develop in more than 30 percent of athletes, with most occurring during the ensuing sporting season. High incidence of hamstring muscle strains are associated with sports that involve stretch shortening cycle activities such as Sprinting, High-intensity Running, Stopping, Starting, Quick change of direction, Kicking. Athletes with a history of hamstring injury have significantly less hamstring flexibility than their uninjured counterparts and are prone to reoccurrence of hamstring injuries. Therefore, the identification of simple therapeutic regimens capable of increasing hamstring flexibility may reduce the chance for injury of athletes with low levels of hamstring flexibility or a history of hamstring injury.

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You Don’t Have to Live with Chronic Pain

Millions of people around the world are suffering needlessly from chronic pain that can be managed with regular visits to a chiropractor. My name is Dr. Matt Shepard, one of the leading chiropractors in Bloomington IL, and I want to help you manage and even eliminate your pain so you can enjoy life on your terms. Often, physicians prescribe strong and addictive painkillers to their patients who are suffering from chronic pain. Or they advise invasive, exploratory surgery to find the root of the problem. Often, such forms of treatment are not the least bit necessary. If you live in the Bloomington area and are experiencing chronic pain of any kind, come and see me at my office that is located at 2309 E. Empire St. #400, BLoomington IL 61704, before taking the drastic steps of medication or surgery. Getting to the Root of Your Pain I can help to eliminate your pain with specialized treatments that will deal with the root of the problem that is causing the pain. When you visit my office, which is located at 2309 E. Empire St. #400, 61704, the first thing that I will do is sit down with you and discuss your pain issues. Then I will make my own diagnosis of the problem and get to work at eliminating the problems that are causing your chronic pain. I perform treatment and give each and every patient exercises to compliment the treatment. Leading to decreased pain and increased stability and motion. Stop Suffering from Chronic Pain Now! If you are suffering from chronic pain, I can help you. Come into my office for a consultation, followed by a series of treatments that will get directly to the source of your problem and eliminate your pain forever. I offer short term treatment too reduce your pain. As one of the best chiropractors/ manual therapists in the city, I have helped hundreds of patients in Bloomington, IL with their pain issues, and I can help you too. Don’t suffer any longer.

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Why we need to emphasize low back pain exercises not abdominals when training runners.

An emphasis is always placed on core exercises  (anterior abdominals) over any type of exercise when it comes to training runners. Unfortunately little attention is paid to the low back (specifically low back pain exercises) , glutes, or hip flexors. Without strong glutes and a low back that can support ones self properly. The hamstrings will not be able to generate enough force / power even though you might place particular attention to strengthen these three muscles. A key when training or working out in any sport is that any one muscle  is only as strong as the weakest link in the entire kinetic chain. The kinetic chain being a term used by most sports medicine and exercise science professionals to describe a sequence or a chain of events. In this case multiple muscles engaging to complete motion of the skeletal system. The curl-up done on an exercise ball dramatically increases the number of muscles that have to engage and stabilize you during the exercise. This exercise will activate your COMPLETE core -> back muscles (posterior abdominals) and all the abdominal muscles. The key point to performing low back pain exercises, such as this one is to only curl-up as far as the contraction / activation / tightening of your abdominal muscles and flex forward no further. Note no pressure should be placed on your neck by your arms. Perform 3 sets of 20 for a total core workout. If you wish to make things more difficult push out abs while trying to curl-up or let a little more air out of the ball to force more contraction of low back muscles, glutes, and other leg muscles for stabelizing  your body while performing the exercise. If you have any questions please email me at  

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