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Meet Dr. Shepard

Dr. Shepard is a board certified Chiropractic Physician and is full-body certified in Active Release Technique (ART). He attended Palmer College of Chiropractic where he received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and was a nominee for the Clinical Excellence Award. In addition to his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Dr. Shepard has earned numerous rehabilitative and sports injury related certifications. Dr. Shepard treats his patients with a full body approach by incorporating joint manipulation, A.R.T., and functional rehabilitation to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of an injury. He provides the highest standard care to every patient, as well as he takes the time to educate and include his patients as partners in their therapy. Dr. Shepard offers more than just typical treatments expected from other chiropractors in Bloomington IL. Dr. Shepard uses a number of manual therapies and exercises to effectively relieve soft tissue issues that result in pain patterns without the need to perform manipulation as expected of a chiropractor in Bloomington IL.

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Dr. Matt Shepard’s road to becoming a chiropractor in Bloomington IL began when he was still a young boy. After his mom purchased milk for her child, he became alarmingly ill. It was later discovered that the milk purchased would be involved in one of the largest salmonella outbreaks in U.S. history. Thankfully, Dr. Shepard was among those who recovered from the incident.

However, this would not be Dr. Shepard’s last battle with a life threatening condition. When he was twelve-years-old, he went sledding with some friends while recovering from a mild cold. Shortly after returning home, he began to lose the ability to move his feet. After a few more days the numbness had quickly spread, and Dr. Shepard could no longer feel his legs and was now unable to walk. Whatever had taken hold of his body, it was spreading upwards quickly and he became increasingly lethargic. Worried that it would soon spread to his lungs and other paramount organs, medical care was quickly sought. After many tests, the cause was still unable to be determined. Seeing how quickly the condition was spreading, his family made a desperate attempt at further help from St. Louis Children’s Hospital. There it was discovered he was suffering from a rare autoimmune disorder, called Guillian-Bere. After this last brush with death, Dr. Shepard’s mind grew increasingly curious with the body’s ability to self-regulate and the importance of proper nerve function.

Sports also played an important role in Dr. Shepard’s childhood. The son of a football coach, Dr. Shepard loved watching athletes perform at their optimal level. Participating in football, track and field, and basketball, he gained first-hand knowledge into how optimal body mechanics and function play a dramatic role in athletic performance.

As a result of these life experiences, Dr. Shepard had a deep desire to help others achieve optimal athletic performance as well as relieve pain and improve the health of others. For those reasons Dr. Shepard offers more types of manual therapies than just a typical chiropractor in Bloomington, Il

If you would like to live pain free. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Shepard, call us at 309-585-0382.

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On-site Active Release Treatment for Companies

Dr. Shepard provides on-site active release treatments for Bloomington IL and surrounding area companies. If you are a manager or owner of a company looking to decrease your recordable number of workers compensation claims. Contact Dr. Shepard today!

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