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Pain in the Back of Your Arm? Try a Radial Nerve Floss (video included)

The radial nerve is part of a network of nerve fibers (for you anatomy junkies, this network is called the Brachial Plexus) that begins in your neck and travels down the back of your arm, forearm, and hand. This nerve can be caught or trapped by several muscles and ligaments throughout the arm. The tricep muscle and supinator muscle are the two most common places for the radial nerve to become entrapped. When this happens, there is often tingling in the back of the fingers, pain in the fingers, pain in the forearm, and/or pain in the back of the arm. One of the best solutions: a nerve floss, of course! A nerve floss is a very effective way of getting the nerve to move freely and often helps to relieve the pain and other related symptom, as well as decrease the nerve inflammation. Watch the video below to see me floss my radial nerve. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at -Dr. Shepard  

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Tingling in Your Hands? Try a Median Nerve Floss (video included)

Tingling in your hands can be self relieved by doing a Median Nerve Floss. There isn’t one single muscle that travels all the way from your neck to the hand. But there are 3 nerves that do this – your Ulnar, Median, and Radial Nerves. Out of these 3 nerves, the nerve of the upper limb that gets the most recognition is the median nerve because of its involvement with carpal tunnel. While Active Release Technique is very effective at relieving the cause of carpal tunnel (A.R.T. is my specialty, go here to learn more about it), I usually give my patients a Median Nerve Flossing  exercise to do at home to further their results. Nerve flossing is basically moving the nerve to try and free it from tight muscles or scar tissue that has caused it to stick to other tissues. Median nerve flossing is a simple yet extremely effective way to treat tingling, pain, and burning sensations that you may have in your hand (pinky excluded, that’s a different nerve – see the picture). Watch the video below to see me perform a recommended way of flossing your median nerve. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at -Dr. Shepard   Contact Dr Shepard | Read Reviews From Other Patients | Shepard Pain & Performance Care on Matthew J. Shepard, DC Shepard Pain and Performance Care 2309 E. Empire Street Ste 400 Bloomington,IL,61704 309-585-0382

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