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4 Best Ways to Choose a Chiropractor

Of course I would love for everyone to choose Dr. Shepard as their chiropractor of choice, but in case our office does not fit well with you, here are some tips for choosing a great chiropractor: 1. Have you seen any type of advertisement for the chiropractic office you’re considering? The more advertisements you see, the better! This could include television, radio, Facebook, snail mail, Twitter, e-mail (basically any type of visual/audio advertisement or seeing them out at community events could also count). Answering this question will provide insight into whether a particular chiropractor is a go-getter, hard-working type of person (these chiropractors often work harder than most to give patients the very best care), or the answer might hint that they are somewhat more lazy and lax in their approach to business (and often in serving their patients). 2. Stop by a chiropractic office to receive information on their services. This is a great way to judge a chiropractic office. Pay particular attention to how the office is kept. Is it clean? Cluttered? In a scary building? Are there burnt-out light bulbs? Chipping paint on the walls? What is the office staff wearing? Jeans?! Do they greet you with a smile when you enter? Do they greet you at all? Do they look panicked or rushed? This may seem like a very judgmental way to choose a chiropractor, but I would want you to go to a chiropractor that cares about the details. If the chiropractor cares about the little details of the office, they are more likely to care about the little details concerning you. 3. Is it a “wellness” chiropractic office? Okay, I might get into a bit of trouble for this one, but here it goes. “Wellness” chiropractic clinics generally prefer that patients keep coming back to them for the rest of their lives (usually once a month at least after initial symptoms are resolved – sometimes referred to as a maintenance program or a wellness program). Now don’t get me wrong, some people really DO need to continue coming in every month to keep up with their care, and the majority of chiropractors probably believe that it would help everyone to come in monthly. However, if you are the type of person who is only looking to get out of immediate pain and then discontinue care, I would not recommend going to a chiropractic clinic with the word “wellness” in the title. Remember, wellness = long-term care in the chiropractic community. 4. The absolutely BEST way to choose a chiropractor is to ask those around you. Who is your friend or family member going to? What do they like/dislike about their chiropractor? Do they rave about their chiropractor or speak about them with the same passion as household chores? It is very likely that if your friend or family member really likes their chiropractor, you will too. Of course, it would be even better to go with the opinion of someone you highly regard (maybe […]

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