Foam Rolling Exercises

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Foam Rolling Exercises

Foam rolling is done on a foam roller and is used for increasing flexibility, improving balance and treating pain issues. Foam rolling exercises can also offer the same benefits of a deep-tissue massage. It’s also important to incorporate foam rolling exercises into your daily workout regimen to prevent injury and improve your athletic performance. Below are some other examples of the benefits of foam rolling exercises.

Running can be a demanding sport and hard on your body. Foam rolling for runners allows them to massage out the knots and any areas filled with tension. It feels like a deep tissue massage but without the expense.

Athletes aren’t the only ones gaining benefits out of foam rolling

People in need of physical therapy from an accident or injury can benefit from foam rolling also. A foam roller breaks down scar tissue caused by damaged tissue and slowly reduces the pain. Leading to better range of motion of muscle, tendons, and fascia. Foam rolling on a regular basis also provides protection to the injured area.Foam rolling can be performed either before a workout or upon completion of one. Doing so lengthens the muscles and reduces strain, which will reduce muscle pain post workout. It’s also an excellent way to relax your back after a long day at work.Foam rolling exercises can be done effectively with a variety of foam rollers. I actually have two kinds that I use depending on where I want to foam roll. By using the foam roller to support certain areas of the body, you can target various muscle groups to promote flexibility and an overall increase in muscle movement. The roller creates instability and helps the muscles strive harder to work.This is especially beneficial as a person gets older. Foam rollers can also increase balance and strengthen the core. Athletes with a strong core and better balance can perform better and far into the future.

Foam rolling exercises are an excellent and relaxing way to exercise and can be done anywhere. It’s the perfect way to achieve a stronger, flexible and injury-free body.

Three Reasons I Foam Roll

– Helps prevent common injuries. One of the most important reasons for a regular foam-rolling routine is to prevent those often too common exercise-related injuries. Many runners, for example, become painfully well acquainted with their IT band if they don’t take care to massage the band of tissue. IT band syndrome and other similar flare-ups can be caused by too-tight muscles. Foam rolling every day ensures you are massaging away fascia buildup in your muscles, in order to help prevent those areas from becoming injury trigger points.- Helps you reduce stress store within your muscles. Had a hard day? Foam roll your worries away. Digging for those knots “releases tension that is built up in the connective tissue to keep you less stressed,” says Tim. He recommends a simple all-over body routine in order to combat the “desk posture blues” that happen from sitting too long in the office.- Keeps you flexible. Building up your flexibility is key for any fitness routine, Tim says, which means you constantly should be stretching and doing exercises that’ll help you gain flexibility.

Please hover your mouse over the foam roller menu bar and then click on the foam roller exercise video page that will be best suited for your pain pattern or area to be foam rolled.


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