Foam Roller – Thoracic Spine Extension

thoracic extension, bloomington il chiropractorFoam Roller – Thoracic Spine Extension

One of my favorite uses of a foam roller is for the purpose of increasing thoracic spine extension. Typically, after a long day of continual office work / sitting or after working out . Foam rolling is a great exercise, whether it was running or weight training, performing thoracic extension with the aid of a foam roller will help to reduce the effects of muscle strain and increase thoracic spine mobility.

To learn more about foam rolling exercises please visit this link to a previous site page written by Dr. Shepard  Click Here –>

The video below will demonstrate how to perform thoracic spine extension with the aid of a foam roller. The exercise itself is a simple and effective, way to treat chronic upper back tightness and pain in between the shoulder blades. Watch the video below to see Dr Shepard perform a recommended way of performing thoracic spine extension on a foam roller. (Directions are also written out below the video).

Thoracic spine extension with a foam roller can be performed by doing the following:

With Foam roller placed at the middle of your back (in a perpendicular fashion compared to your spine) hug yourself tightly which allows your shoulder blades to move away from your spine, keeping your neck in neutral. Slowly begin to roll up to the top of your shoulder blades (NOT TO YOUR NECK) and down to the bottom of your rib cage (NOT TO YOUR LOWER BACK). Repeat process, keeping neck and lower back from arching.

You may also perform an additonal thoracic spine extension exercise with the aid of a foam roller by following these steps. (note this is not demonstrated in the video above.)

Thoracic Spine and Pectoralis Stretch:thoracic spine extension, chiropractor bloomington il

Lying on the foam roller, which is vertically placed allowing your buttocks and head to be supported, bring your arms to 90 degrees with your hands facing the ceiling. Gently rest your arms on the ground and hold the stretch for 60 seconds. This exercise should be PAIN FREE.

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