DNS Thoracic Spine Extension

This exercise is for anyone who has chronic lower neck and upper back pain that never seems to relax. This will help gain the right amount of spinal motion and prevent rounding of the shoulders.

Begin by lying face down with forehead on the table, chin tucked, elbows even with eyes and palms down on the table over their head.

Spine stabilization in accomplished in a series of three
steps: abdominal brace, scapular depression and external rotation, and deep neck flexion.

Patient is then asked to extend through the base of their neck (cervico-thoracic junction) and lift their head off the table keeping spinal stabilization.

Starting Postion

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Finishing Postion

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If you have more neck pain then pain in between your shoulders. This is a link to an exercise that will better suite you –> http://www.bnchiro.com/basic-neck-exercises-dynamic-neuromuscular-stabilization/

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at drshepard@bnchiro.com

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