Pain on the Outside of Your Knee? Probably Your IT Band

knee pain, chiropractor bloomington il Unless you have been a runner all your life, when you think of knee pain, you probably don’t know a lot about your IT Band (iliotibial band). But if you’re having pain on the outside of your knee, it’s quite possible that this connective tissue may be involved.The IT Band is located on the outside of your leg and connects your gluteus maximus to your knee. Its main function is to stabilize your knee while its extending.
IT Band Syndrome is common among those who are extending their knee often, like runners. If you ever see someone running down the street with a band-like brace right above their knee, they are likely using that band to support and relieve any knee pain or discomfort caused by their IT Band.
I have found the best way to stretch or workout this area is to use your own body weight over a foam roller (see picture). IT Band Exercise, knee painFind the spot of tenderness and slowly roll over that spot, back and forth until you feel tissue loosening.
I recommend you perform this exercise twice a day if you have been having any outside knee tightness or discomfort. If you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to show you the proper way to use a foam roller.
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